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Best coffee for mornings start easier
Morning Kick
Is there a best coffee for a good morning? We think so. Our famous Morning Kick coffee blend.     



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All coffee is shipped no later than 14 days after roasting.
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For every 20 euros spent, you will receive an additional 1% towards your personal discount on future purchases. The maximum discount is 15%. The discount is only valid for edible goods and does not apply to dishware and accessories.

Every week we have a promotion called 'Sort of the Week', where 2 products are presented with maximum discounts. No additional discounts are applied to these products.

We love gifts. We hope you love them too. We put delicious gifts in every order!

And something else with every order that we are sure you will really like.

Craft chocolate is chocolate that is handmade or produced on a small scale using high-quality ingredients and traditional production methods. Craft chocolate usually contains more cocoa mass and less sugar, which gives it a deeper and richer taste than mass-produced chocolate.